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November 12, 2006

New Rochelle Wi-Fi

Those of us of a certain age will remember Mary Tyler Moore's signature line most often spoken in the city of Mrs. Petrie's residence.  I'm pleased to say that in my role as BizDevGuy at HD Communications, we've completed our first decent sized Muni job.  The City of New Rochelle has built a Wi-Fi network in its downtown, and HD is the system integration and operations subcontractor, with Wireless Edge being the prime.  We installed a Motorola Canopy/Tropos MetroMesh solution as the first phase of an eventual city wide network.  The management backend  is a Sputnik system.  The system is free to use in the publicly funded areas to be built.  The Business Improvement District has a press release here.  As part of the ongoing maintenance and operation, registered users of the system will have access to the UrbanHotspots footprint in Manhattan and Brooklyn.  A Metro-North rider can use the free hotspot at the New Rochelle train station, work on the train, then upload their work when they arrive at Grand Central Terminal, using the UrbanHotspots location that originates at Zocalo in the lower level Dining Concourse.  While they're in the city, they can use any of our locations as they tool about town.  You can even sit in Mariano Rivera's new steakhouse and surf!

The system was completed by the end of June, and has been hosting approximately 20-40 sessions per day.  If you'd like us to build you a system, call me at HD Communications


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