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August 31, 2007

Seth, Seams, and wi-fi hotspots

The human artesian well of advice, Seth Godin, makes a good observation about seams, the kind where you can slip in a message.  Regarding this week's muni-wifi panic, I think it is time that people realize that wi-fi is a seam filler, not a blanket.  Wi-Fi works to fill the gaps where wired broadband is not available, and the empty spaces where people wait.  But wi-fi hotspots also create the kinds of seams that Seth is talking about.  He's all about permission marketing, but a hotspot is a place to bring somebody something useful, and with a slight interruption, show them a message about the person, place or thing that is bringing them this service that they find so valuable.  Make your hotspot seam work for you.


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