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May 16, 2008

Look, up in the sky, its Cablevision Wi-Fi

OptimumwifiapFolks in the tri-state area, take a peek at the wires on your poles. If you see a box that looks like the one in the picture, you're in a Cablevision Wi-Fi hotspot, SSID optimumwifi.   This one is in front of Rockabilly Barbers' East Northport location.  I could take a picture of it, but couldn't logon to it with my Blackberry Curve.  Something about expired SSL certs.  Neither the Blackberry browser or the Opera browser worked.  I'm assured its a Blackberry bug, and not an optimumwifi issue.  We're seeing the beginning of their Wi-Fi buildout in the first steps beyond the pilot stage.  I find it a curious form of flattery that they've stuck an AP in front of one of my locations. 


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